Float & Relax

Float & Relax

Float & Relax

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Gift card for complete relaxation with floatation tank treatment, infrared sauna and massage with fruit platter and teapot. A mini-vacation from everyday life with good health benefits that last a long time. The perfect gift for your loved ones.

The gift card includes:

  • 60 minutes float tank
  • 30 minutes sauna
  • 25 minute massage
  • 20 minute rain shower
  • Fruit platter and healthful tea
  • Towels, soaps and bathrobe

Select the desired delivery when paying:

  • Digital gift card delivered within 1 hour
  • Physical 2-3 days to mailbox with tracking

*Gift card valid until 01.02.2024

What do customers say?


Absolutely fantastic experience!!! As a mother of two, I can say that an hour alone in the silence was such a real mini-vacation in a busy everyday life❤❤❤❤💦💦💦 Highly recommended!!!


Wonderfully relaxing and the pain was significantly better. Will be back 💜🌹😘


Fantastic experience! Recommended for everyone, regardless of gender or age. Never got so deep in a meditation ever, absolutely super Zen when the class is over😌


Incredibly satisfied with the treatment and not least with the customer action ❤️


Some of the better stuff 🤩👌tried a lot of different things against my chronic muscle pain, but floatation tank with salt in it is the best treatment 🙌🏼 good service and great place to get the right treatment after a busy and stressful everyday life 🤩Will get it fixed in the future ☺️


Had a great experience of this, despite some skepticism beforehand. Will definitely float again and recommend the same to others!

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